Style is an attitude, a state of mind

I wasn't always as confident as I look in this picture.  I was awkward and geeky growing up, a bit shy even - no one who knows me now would be believe it though!

Despite that I was always experimenting with clothes regardless of what anyone else thought and when it came to making the decision to start my own business there was only one thing I really wanted to do.

I trained in colour and style for men and women 12 years ago now and have loved every minute of what I do, it really never feels like work. 

Seeing a client emerge from my transformational process with confidence in their style and more confident in making some really big life choices it's hard to understate the excitement I feel. The impact it has on their confidence and attitude can be thrilling for both of us.  

Along with my client work I am also the Director of Communication for the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI).  FIPI is the governing body for Image Consultants globally and ensures high standards are met and maintained by its members.

I'm Claire by the way x