Rediscover your unique style and feel confident again!



You need a boost, you've realised you're wearing the same clothes over and over and have lost your way with your look.  You need professional help and fast.  You want to be able to confidently say no to clothes that aren't working for you and be more discerning about what you buy in the future.  You're in the right place!


This is a two hour consultation via Zoom or in person which includes: 

A full Virtual or In person Colour Analysis consultation - identifying the perfect colours for your clothes, hair and make-up to help you glow from the inside out. 

A body shape analysis to identify the most flattering styles for your figure and how to stylishly hide or distract from any areas you're not happy with. 

A digital colour swatch - your guide to buying only the best colours for you.

A complete personalised style guide - detailing the cuts, fabric, prints and accessories ideal for your figure and how to wear them.


  • You will have more confidence when shopping, knowing which styles are most flattering for your figure​.

  • The ability to build a fully coordinated and versatile wardrobe knowing the most flattering colours for you all complement each other​.

  • Feel more confident with your look knowing the colours and styles that are most flattering for you.

  • Wear more of your wardrobe.

  • Eliminate buying clothes you never wear.

  • Feel joy when you open your wardrobe or at the thought of deciding what to wear today​!

If you'd like to have a chat to find out more about any Mirror Image package or service, or how I can help you, send a message or book a free no obligation call below.