How to have a massively successful shopping trip - every time.

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

How often have you been shopping and ended up buying nothing or a load of stuff you just feel meh about? You’re left feeling frustrated, fed up and feel guilty spending money on stuff you probably wont wear or wont feel great in even if you do.

This is the case for too many women too much of the time so I’m going to share with you my top tips for a massively successful shopping trip every time; techniques that I use for every personal shopping consultation I do, so I know these tips work. EVERY. TIME.

First you need to know why the way you’re shopping for clothes just isn’t working..


Here’s where you’re going wrong...

You’re shopping at the wrong time of year.

Got a holiday in July/August, decide to go holiday clothes shopping at the last minute (get those extra few pounds off first right? Too late - all the good stuffs gone!

You’ve got a night out at the weekend and you’ve got nothing to wear, quick hit the shops and websites for panic shopping. Nooooo!! Colours and styles change so quickly, the chances the type of stuff you love is in the shops can be very small and you’ll most likely end up buying something you only wear for that one occasion.

Need some new clothes so hit the shops with a friend. Stop!

Social shopping is great but friends can influence you to buy stuff without realising they’re really persuading you to buy stuff that would look better on them.. they don't even know they’re doing it!

Got nothing to wear so you pick stuff up randomly. Have you got anything to wear with it? This can work but only if you love what you buy but by this point you're probably just desperate for new stuff so ‘it’ll do’ or it’s ok’ is your bench mark, right?


Here’s how you should be doing it.

1. Check out what you've got first - sounds obvious but its easy to forget what we’ve got.

2. Make a list of what you want/need to get.

3. Do a bit of research online/in magazines BEFORE you go (based on your list).

4. Decide your budget.

5. Think about the types of colours you've got in your wardrobe, if your wardrobe is full of pastels and grey don't go buying super bright colours - its unlikely you’ll wear them or that you have anything to go with them.

6. Know what your body shape is and stick to trying on styles that are most flattering, it’ll save you loads of time and be much less stressful.

7. Wear something you feel really good in when you shop, that’s your benchmark for anything new, it must make you feel at least as good as that one thing or it goes back on the rails.

8. ONLY buy stuff you really love, that fits well and you feel good in, DO NOT COMPROMISE! That way you’ll only have things you love in your wardrobe and things you're happy to wear more than once.

9. DO NOT be persuaded by others you’re shopping with OR shop assistants - they’ll bring you everything in a black alternative.

10. Shop at the beginning of each new fashion season, you’ll get the most amount of choice and you’ll have that wedding guest outfit for August sorted in March.

That’s how you have a massively successful shopping trip EVERY time.

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