Should over 30s still be shopping 'these' brands?


You're probably thinking 'but what are these brands?' and actually the answer is ANY brands.

Yes over 30s should be shopping any brands they want to. ANY.

I realise this may seem confusing and I have many, many women ask me regularly where to shop and that they feel too 'old' for certain high street stores. And I get why. The marketing, branding, cuts and sizes are all geared towards younger figures with less curves. But if the cuts suit your figure and you like the styles then go for it.

It's about shifting your mind to think about each individual item that you're looking for rather than taking whole brands or stores and lumping them in together.

For example I never spend more than £60 on a pair of jeans, in fact it's usually more like £40 and I buy them from Zara and River Island usually. I'd also shop in these high street stores for non classic pieces, if there's a trend that suits my figure that I want to wear I'll shop cheap, it's not something I'll plan to wear for a long time and I'll pair it with better quality items I own to avoid looking like I'm clinging on to my 20s (you know that dreaded mutton dressed as lamb thing).

So the answer is think about the piece of clothing on it's own rather than the brand or store, take it and put your own twist on it to suit your style.

Do this and you'll find you have lots more options of places to shop and hopefully find some fun gems to play around with!

Do let me know in the comments if this blog has resonated with you and if you'll be thinking differently about how you shop in the future.

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Have a great week and remember, have fun with your clothes!

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