Should you get out of your style comfort zone?

It's something I hear all the time from women.. 'oh I'm stuck in my comfort zone', 'I need to make a change, I need to get out of it'.

Which is fine because quite often change can be a good thing. But when it comes to clothes sometimes your comfort zone is the best place to be.

Yep - sometimes!

Comfort zones when it comes to clothes make life easy for us, provide some physical and emotional comfort as well as safety - if we always wear the same stuff no one will notice us right?

BUT comfort zones can also make us feel flat, unseen, unheard (no one notices us) and actually quite low about ourselves. Wearing the same type of clothes everyday can take the shine off everyday life a little.

So how do we know when we should get out of our comfort zones?

Well I was personal shopping with a client last week on Regent Street and we were looking at tops. She was worried about always going for the same style of tops and felt like she 'should' try a different style.

My response was simple - MOST of the time you are drawn to the colours and styles that suit you best, so if there's a style that you feel particularly good in then there's no reason not buy it - simply vary the colours, fabric and prints for more versatility.

You see there's no need to force a change if what you're doing makes you feel good!

IF however, that comfort zone of buying and wearing the same style over and over is NOT making you feel good, then it IS time to make a change.

Time to feel more uplifted, inspired, positive and most importantly more you.

If you're not sure how, book in for a no obligation 15min call to find out how I can help you get out of your comfort zone and in to the style confidence zone!

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