Struggling to find clothes that fit properly?

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

This one game changing secret will change everything!

Take a deep breath and pause…

It’s frustrating when things don't fit properly, I know and I hate seeing my clients frustration when this has happened over and over.

But actually this happens to almost everyone with one item of clothing or another. Very, very few people have the exact proportions that retailers have designed to.

Yes, you’re actually in the MAJORITY not the minority!

So next time something doesn’t fit right, instead of throwing it off and storming out of the changing room in a cloud of self hate and frustration, I want you to take a deep breath and pause.

Take a moment and try and work out what’s not right with the fit.

Is it the neckline, length, rise in the crotch, waistband position, shoulder seam etc. And it’s usually the same thing that’s not quite right no matter how many styles you try on.

For me it’s always straps. I have a smallish bust and I’m short in the shoulder which means straps are always falling off my shoulders or I’m flashing people because the straps are too long and my top is gaping open. Knowing this, I allow in my mind that I’ll have to make a small adjustment to straps, or get my 92yr old nan to do it for me 😁.

Things then fit properly with no fiddling or constant readjustment.

There are lots of tweaks that can be done to get clothes to fit perfectly. If you can identify what the common issue is you can allow for it and plan to make alterations. These wont cost much usually £15 - £20 depending what needs doing.

If you shop this way, you’ll have much more choice and best of all, things will fit perfectly once tweaked!

So next time you’re trying on clothes, pause, don't automatically dismiss something because it's not 100% perfect there and then, and think can this be altered to fit? Quite often the answer is yes!

Do post in the comments below and let me know if this email has resonated with you and if you'll be thinking differently about how you shop - I'd love to know!

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Have a great week and remember, have fun with your clothes!



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