There's a time when you stop and take a look in the mirror and realise you're ready for change,  whatever your situation there is a Mirror Image package for you.  It's time to liberate your style confidence and step in to being more you.

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Stuck in a style rut?

Lets get you out of it.  Get out of your mum uniform and get your style confidence back with this specially designed package to make buying clothes and putting outfits together effortless.  Includes colour, style, wardrobe and shopping consultations. Read more...


Maternity leave coming to an end?

Head  back to work with style that oozes confidence and is effortless to put together and maintain. You'll be ready to head back to work with a versatile coordinated wardrobe that gives you an abundance of choice and with outfits already put together for you.  Includes colour, wardrobe, personal shopping and outfit styling sessions.  Read more...

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For women who mean business.

Specially tailored to meet the needs of executives, consultants and entrepreneurs.  Every impression counts these days especially in this virtual environment we're all now working in, learn how to make sure yours is consistent and in line with your business brand for quicker, stronger, deeper business connections.  Read more...


Instant colour confidence for clothes hair and make-up

One of the corner stones of effortless style. Discover the perfect palette of colours to compliment your skin tone that give you a naturally healthy glow and physically make you fell good.  Use them to build a fully coordinated, versatile wardrobe, making putting outfits together effortless. Includes a digital colour swatch for your reference and advice on hair and make up tones.  Read more...

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It's time to feel fabulous whatever your size

There's nothing sexier than a confident woman and when you have the clothes and a style that truly reflects your personality you will ooze confidence. No matter what your shape or size if your figure has changed or it's been a long time since you've found clothes you really love that fit well, this is the package for you. The aim of this package is to leave you looking and feeling fabulous whatever shape or size you are.  Read more...


Refresh and up level your style game

Refresh and step up your style game with a new look that exudes confidence, presence and delivers impact. You'll make quicker, stronger, deeper connections in your business and personal life as your personal brand becomes strong and clear.  Read more...

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If you'd like to have a chat to find out more about any Mirror Image package or service, or how I can help you, drop me a line!


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