Instant Colour Confidence for clothes, hair and make-up



If you're craving a coordinated wardrobe where everything mixes and matches easily, living in the same few colours, feel like you're hiding or just wish you could wear more colour this is the consultation for you.


A one and half hour consultation via Zoom analysing which colour palette is ideal for your skin tone and natural colouring.

A look at many colours within your palette and suggestions on how to wear them.

A digital colour swatch to keep on your phone for reference at any time.

Advice on fabrics and prints that are most flattering and suitable for you based on your colouring.

Inspiration and advice on make-up looks and tones that will be most naturally flattering for you.

Advice on hair tone and colour as well as specific terms to use at the salon to ensure you get the right tones for you.

A full colour report covering everything discussed during your consultation.


Instant colour confidence.

The ability to build a fully coordinated and versatile wardrobe that naturally flatters you.

Confidence with trying new make-up styles and tones.

More targeted and quicker shopping through filtering certain colours out.

Effortless style!

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